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October 4, 2017

Bloody ‘ell…..what’s up with that guy with a Football on his head?

The story of football Head By Debbie Anderson

posted by Mike Walton

Rod will have an eye on two very important Scotland World Cup qualifying football matches this week with Scotland at home to Slovakia tomorrow and then they play their final game on Sunday against Slovenia, So to ease the tension we thought we would post a football themed story.

Many regular concert goers might have spotted a guy with a football on his head in the crowd...did you ever wonder who 'Football head' was [We are sure Rod did!] well here is the story...

Well…..around 2003, a certain Rod junkie by the name of Debbie Anderson found a rubber “Soccer Ball” head mask in the Halloween aisle at Walmart. She had not yet met the man who would wear the head….just because she asked him to. That would come later. So at that time…she tried to get her daughter, Genny Moss, to wear the head.

Genny is in the photo on the montage at age 13….and reluctantly wore the head during one song at one concert…..As you can see…..she had another plan to gain the Rock Star’s attention later.

She has never required professional counseling due to her mother’s Rod Stewart “brainwashing”…..well….not yet anyway. Gen was indoctrinated into the Rod Fan Clan at age 5. She still brings up the fact that I went to a concert and left her at home when she had the chicken pox. One of my fondest memories was at a Chicago concert when Gen was around 10 years old and she stood on the seat belting out EVERY WORD of “Get Your Rocks Off”! The audience was mesmerized watching Gen….instead of Rod…probably wondering if she even “knew” what she was singing! OR what kind of mother allowed her to listen to that. Lol

Gen followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a registered nurse and currently works in Seattle in Critical Care. Rod was instrumental in shaping Gen’s love for music. (An audition for a “chorus girl” or even a one off….would most likely be accepted!) Or if a certain Rock Star needed another guitar!

Debbie met Dave Anderson shortly after purchasing the head. It wasn’t long and just like Cinderella finding the proper owner of the glass slipper…..Mr. Anderson was “The One” that the Soccer Ball head fit. She was attracted to Mr. Anderson’s energy more than anything. Dave was working non stop at a local battery factory that he’d worked at for 30 years….when the factory closed down. Dave is a master mechanic and learned his trade by working on airplanes in the United States Marine Corps. He is currently an Operator Engineer at a local facility for the developmentally disabled in Kankakee Illinois (about 65 miles south of Chicago)

Back to the magical Soccer Ball Head…..'something'happens to Dave Anderson as he prepares to go to see Rod in concert. He’ll wear just about anything that his wife suggests that he wears (Leopard Blazers, Leopard trimmed shoes) and as of late his hair dresser has assisted with coloring and styling his hair (as best as she can) ….in the fashion of the Rock God.

Dave is Pictured above with Ruth Hanuschka in Chicago August 5th 2017 and with flowers for Katja.

Dave was a purported Rod Stewart Fan when Deb met him….but I’m sure he didn’t know the level of FAN-addiction….he was becoming involved in. We were even able to go see Rod in Edinburgh and Inverness in 2010 and have been to Caesar’s Palace 5 or 6 times. Dave likes to think that his enthusiasm during the concerts energizes Rod, the band, and the audience. Many fans clamor for photo’s with “Football Head” before and after the concerts.

Well….that’s the “legend” of the “Soccer Ball / Foot Ball” head in a nutshell. We would like Rod to know how much FUN we’ve had through the years with our fellow Rod fans from around the world. We all definitely resonate like family. There is nothing like meeting and partying with fans before and after concerts. Many of us (well most) have formed life long bonds.

I don’t know that there are words to describe our affinity to Rod, the Music, the Lyrics, and each other. But we TRULY appreciate being on this “Wonderful World” with Rod and the Fan base.

We are truly blessed to be able to leave all of our troubles behind…..and step out of this sometimes routine life……and immerse ourselves in Rod’s music and especially Rod’s ENERGY!

He is truly inspiring…..if HE can continue to work at age 72! We should be able to make it too!

P.S. We are SURE that FANS would be MORE than willing to participate with a ROD CRUISE!

Just let us know WHEN & WHERE! I’m sure that it will sell out….& we promise to behave!

(Had to slip that FANtasy in there…..sorry)

Debbie Anderson aka GocRod2

Photos thanks to Debbie Anderson
Montage Tommy Kevitt

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