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August 1, 2017

Dorothy's Atlantic crossing

CMAC Pac Performing Arts Centre Rochester New York 29/7/17 Review By Dorothy

posted by Mike Walton

It was a Beautiful night and a fantastic stadium, with a roof top but open sides, The seats were tiered up with a lawned area at back. We had really good seats 5 rows from the front middle block but with it being all tiered up everyone had a good view.

The concert started just after 7.40 Cindi came on wearing a bright red wig carrying a suitcase, she was fantastic she's a brilliant entertainer just like Rod at one point she came right into the audience. She was on about an hour then Rod came on about 9.00.

Rod's first batch of songs were '' I hope I got this right!!! '' Infatuation then Some guys, then he was joined by Cindi and they sang This old heart of mine together. Then tonight's the night, You wear it well, Forever young, Rhythm of my heart , Young Turks , It's A Heartache , Love is , Downtown train, First cut ,Oh la la , Your in my heart, and Have I told you lately,

Then he kicked the footballs out to the song Stay with me!!! and Brian my hubby caught one for me Rod noticed my Celtic top and pointed over then kicked the ball in my direction.. yippee !!!! I didn't see anyone else with a Celtic top on not like in England where everyone has them at his concerts I didn't see much tartan either. Rod then sang Do you think I'm sexy, Maggie May , then at the end he sang Enjoy yourself.

Rod and his band were on top form his voice was brilliant and he was really enjoying himself. It finished about 10.40 pm Brilliant night fantastic sound lovely atmosphere and a fantastic place for a concert. The security staff were friendly having a bit joke with us and we met some lovely people it was our first time in America and all my life it's been my dream to see our Rod in America so it was a lovely memory to take home with us.

Review Dorothy Haddon
Pictures By Dorothy Haddon
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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