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July 28, 2017

No time for pizza ...SMILER review's come first!!

Saratoga Performing Arts Center 22/7/17 review By Maureen Gale

posted by Mike Walton

My adventure started out on july 18th, Barbara Holland and I went to see Rod at Jones Beach,which you can read about in the Jones Beach review that Barbara and I wrote. The next morning I started my journey with my boyfriend Raymond (who I would dump for Rod!) we drove all the way upstate by the Canadian border to attend my niece's wedding,and as luck would have it Rod was playing in Saratoga Springs the day after the wedding, which was half way back to long Island. we checked into the motel,I got my Rod gear on (Celtic shirt and my new Rod sneakers) and off we went, only 3 miles away! unfortunately I could only get the "nose bleed seats" for this concert,but as long as i'm breathing the same air as Rod, i'm happy !!!

Cyndi Lauper came out first and on one of the songs she recorded called "End of the world" she did a fantastic job ! then it was time for Rod! he came out in a gold jacket and black pants with a gold stripe singing "Infatuation","Some guys have all the luck", "This old heart" which was a duet with Cyndi, then he sang "You wear it well" and "Forever young". we were then treated to a great drum solo and the girls did an Irish jig as Rod changed into a black shiny shirt and sang "Rhythm of my heart", "Young Turks", "Rolling and tumbling", "Downtown train","First cut","Oh la la","Every picture tells a story","Reason to believe " and "You're in my heart" while he was singing "Your in my heart", don't ask me how they found me , but when I looked up there I was on the big screen behind Rod !!! and for quite the while ! I was so excited ! he then sang "Have I told you lately". As the girls then came on and sang Proud Mary, Rod changed into a very dapper white and black jacket with white pants and sang "Maggie May",and "Stay with me ", that's when the balls started flying ! (no I didn't get one), Then "Do ya think I'm sexy" (yes Rod I do !) and ended with "Enjoy yourself" . what a wonderful night!

During the concert I looked around, only two people were wearing Celtic shirts, me and a woman I met on the way out of the venue,as I was talking to her, a man came up to us and said "I saw you two from afar, can I take your picture?" of course we said yes !

As Raymond and I were sitting in the car waiting for the traffic to leave, I saw the tour buses, then I got the bright idea of going over to them. when I got there Jimmy the sax player and another guy asked me for a lighter, I ran back to the car and grabbed the lighter out of my boyfriends hand , when I got back to the bus the guys were gone , but the door to the bus was open, so I walked right on the bus, and there was the guitar player Emerson. I told him I was writing a review for Smiler, and the poor guy, trying to eat his pizza was so very nice,letting me take a selfie with him. he was probably thinking to himself "how do I get this girl off the bus?" as I was thinking " this is one of the best moments of my life !" I got off the bus and there was Don, so i told him someone wanted a lighter, he took it from me and asked me my name. When I got back to my boyfriend I was so happy to tell him his lighter was going on tour with Rod !! what a great adventure ! One of my goals in life is getting my tattoo signed by Rod,so i can get it tattooed over, so the next time I got to Vegas I'm making a big sign! as I am always lucky enough to be up front with Barbara ! Are ya listening Rod??? look for me please !!!!

love, your other forever fan, Maureen Gale

Review By Maureen Gale
Photos By Maureen Gale
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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