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July 29, 2017

Rod sends temperatures soaring in Holmdel

PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel NJ, Review 25/7/17 By Joan Walko

posted by Mike Walton

High temperatures, humidity, and thunderstorms took a break on July 25 at the PNC Bank Center in Holmdel, NJ. However Rod was our lightning and the crowd was his thunder! He sent the temperature soaring with a hot setlist!!! He switched the order of some songs and deleted Rollin' and Tumblin'. Much to my delight he added It's A Heartache. The black and white soccer ball pattern turned to red and black.....Anticipation!!!

The band opened with Soul Finger, and then Sir Rod walked onto the stage!

1-Infatuation. In fine voice he captivated the audience. He had us at the first note!

2-Some Guys Have All The Luck. Rod has all the talent! My heart melts when he sings "All my friends have a ring on their finger, they have someone". He can call me collect anytime!

3-This Old Heart of Mine. He certainly has mine. Brought Cindy Lauper out to do this with him. Great choice. They rocked it! Cindy's opening set was good, but most of us were there to see our man! I'm not used to Rod having an opening act. Cindy was a great choice, but I believe I prefer All Rod, All Night to borrow the name of his 1999 tour.

4-Tonight's The Night. "The secret is about to unfold, upstairs before the nights too old!! No secret, great audience participation!

5-You Wear It Well. He wears everything well, from the tip of his hat down to his colorful sneakers!

6-Forever Young. One of my personal favorites. It speaks to me. Beautiful lyrics and only his voice does it true justice.

7-Rhythm Of My Heart. This has turned into a patriotic anthem. "Running down the alley I've got my eyes all over you, baby" is another one of those line that grabs me deep in my gut!

8-Young Turks. Another great classic with a great story to tell.

9-It's A Heartache. Loved it when Bonnie Tyler recorded it, but love it even more when Rod belts out this ballad. I'd like to believe he added it to tonight's show just for me!

10-Downtown Train. He always gives credit to Tom Waits before he starts singing this one. A beautifully done tune. Again my heart melts!

11-First Cut Is The Deepest. Yet again another story in song that some many of us can connect with.

12-Ohh La La. Loved this when it first appeared on the When We Were The New Boys album. Loved it even more when I had the privilege of being hand a soccer ball by Rod in Camden, New Jersey!!

13-Reason To Believe. "Knowing that you lied, straight faced while I cried". Another line that rips onto my soul.

14-You're In My Heart. Classic ballad that the audience takes over! I can only imagine the emotions that Rod must feel as we all sing our hearts out. It must be an adrenaline rush and humbling at the same time. He looked truly moved.

15-Have I Told You Lately. At last a chance to sit down and rest my weary from dancing 63 year old body!! Not for long though......

16-Proud Mary. The ladies do an amazing job with this one! I'm pretty sure Tina Turner would approve!

17-Maggie May. Again he invites us to sing as the cameras pan the audience.

18-Stay With Me. The audience stayed with him through the whole journey of his songs. Rod did comment on the smaller than usual stage in a joking way. I say it's not the size of the stage, it's how you work it. He worked it like a pro. Those down front were close enough to be able to shake his hand!!

19-Encore, Do You Think I'm Sexy. Yes!!!

It was, using another tour name, A Night To Remember. However for me that goes for all his concerts!! Rock on Rod!!!

Review By Joan Walko
Main Photo By Jessica Norton Camera By Her Side
Other photos By Joan Walko

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