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July 27, 2017

Rod and family it doesn't rain at Jones Beach

Jones Beach Wantagh, Long Island N Y. Review By Barbra Holland 18/7/17

posted by Mike Walton

The night started off with a nice get together of fans from all over the world. We all met outside the venue. There were many stories being told, of everyone’s Rod Stewart experiences that they all had.We all got together and took a group picture. Three of us girls had Rod Stewart sneakers on, so we included them in the picture too.

It was time for the show to start, so we went off to our seats Maureen and I were in the 10th row, right next to the water. It was a beautiful night with no rain. Cyndi Lauper was the first on the stage. She was wearing a black pants suit, with some nice colors on the side stripe. Cyndi’s first song was, “She Bop”. She sounded amazing. When she did, “True Colors” you could see everyone liked that song a lot. She sang for about 90 minutes. Cyndi at one point started to sing, “Sailing” and then she said I know this is a Rod Stewart, song let’s forget it and go on.

Now was the time that we were all waiting for, Sir Rod Stewart opened with “Soul Finger”. Rod looked fantastic as usual. He was jumping around running from one side of the stage to the other. That’s Rod.

Rod was wearing his black pants with silver sequins, on the back pockets that looked great on him. The next song he sang was, “infatuation” a lot of fans love this song. Rod seemed to be in a really good mood. He even mentioned that it was not raining because, almost every time he comes to Jones Beach it rains. Next, on the agenda was “Some Guys” followed by “Tonight’s the Night” and “You Wear it Well”. Followed by one of my favorite songs “Forever Young” he did that so good, I could listen to this song all day.It was now time for, “Can’t Stop me Now” I know every word to this one. What a terrific song. I want to thank you for this song Rod. Rod said, “Sit down for something slower”. Rod and the band were all in a line in front of the stage; Rod was sitting in the middle with his fuschia colored suit that looked very good, with his blonde hair. He sang, “First Cut is the Deepest” ”Ooh La La” and another favorite of many, “You’re in my Heart” at that point a lot of banners and Celtic shirts were brought out in the crowd.

Rod started to get things going a bit faster now with, “Maggie May” that had everyone on their feet. Rod and his son Alistair, were kicking soccer balls out to the fans. Alistair kicked one right behind me, way to go Alistair.

At one point Maureen had a sign that said, “Rod would you please sign my tattoo of you”. Sean Stewart walked by then Maureen asked him to sign it “you want me to sign it?” He asked.she said “yes please.’’ About ½ hour later Penny came by she saw the sign and also signed it for Maureen at this point all she need was Rod. Maureen was so happy she has wanted Rod to sign her tattoo for many years. At one point, Di Reed noticed us and waved and gave us thumbs up to us.

What a great feeling to know that they recognize their loyal fans. Rod spotted Maureen waving the sign at him and told the stage guy to get the sign so he came to her to take a picture of it but something got thrown up on the stage that looked like a very large red pair of underwear well at that point we lost Rod’s attention he liked the underwear. He started putting them on it was so funny everyone was laughing. It fit him nicely because he was now singing the song, “If you think I’m Sexy “ . Yes we do till the next time.

New York, Forever Fans
Barbara Holland
Maureen Gale

Photos Barbara Holland
Montage Tommy Kevitt

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