Bridget Cady
Posted August 26, 2018
Major award for Billy Peek
Posted August 2, 2018

March 12, 2018

Rod doll

Crochet art by Renate

posted by Mike Walton

Art comes in many forms painting, modeling and even crocheting.

These two crochet Rod dolls were done by Renate Westhoeve from Goes in the Netherlands

Renate has been a fan since she was 12 years old and bought Rod's Atlantic Crossing album

She has been a crocheter since 2015. having made several thing like scarfs, flowers, stuffed animals and clothes. her wish was to crochet a Rod Stewart, She found a photo of a crochet Rod, and tried to make a pattern with help from the patterns she already had from the things that she had made.

The Rod doll in the pink jacket was Renate's first attempt. she gave it away to a Rod fan in England whom she had promised to make one for. The lucky fan put the doll on a tartan plaid and gave him a scottish lapel pin.

Renate does not sell the dolls but the Rod doll in the green tartan suit and a similar version have both been donated to charity in the UK.

We think she is very talented..Well done Renate.
Do we have any other talented SMILER's out there?...If so show us what you can do.

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