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June 6, 2018

Lucy-Lastic gets Amsterdam on it's feet

Lucy Woodward -The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam 18/6/2 Review by Martin Heidt

posted by Mike Walton

Amsterdam was on it’s feet! People from all over the world found their way to Amsterdam’s Red Light District last weekend. We /Eric and I) met at Amsterdam station in the afternoon and had a nice Chinese meal before the start of the show. We arrived early, had a little chat with Lucy and some members of her band in the bar. Then it was time for the soundcheck and we decided to walk around the Red Light District for a while. A few minutes to 8 we came back and Lucy and band were ready to go.

About 250 people gathered in front of a pretty little stage in The Bulldog Hotel. Lucy Woodward and band opened that night with the song 'Ladykiller' from her latest album,'Til They Bang On The Door'.

The crowd was in a very good mood and all people – enjoying their joints and drinks – were fascinated by the fresh and powerful performance of Rod Stewart’s Ex-Singer.

'I Don’t Know' and 'He Got Away' got the crowd singing and dancing. While singing "Be My Husband" Lucy wanted ladies and Men to sing the refrain and then noticed that the"Men's singing was scary" ...

Lucy Woodward has a Dutch family background – her father lives there and she grew up in Holland before moving to the States – and she convinced also the last one in the crowd by using some Dutch words and phrases when she announced the following songs.

The atmosphere became better and better – the band played a 30 minutes encore…. And when Lucy finally left the stage many of the audience shouted "More More More" without end. A great night in Amsterdam was over!

Lucy is returning to Europe in September and October with more shows in Holland and Germany. Get your chance and do not miss those wonderful nights with Lucy Woodward on stage.

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Setlist Amsterdam


I Don’t Know

He Got Away

Sans Souci

Can‘t Let Go

Free Spirit

Be My Husband

Live Live Live

Too Hot To Last


Review: Martin Heidt
Photos: Eric Piel

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