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March 26, 2018

Producing Rod

Brand new blog by Pat Brett in SMILER retro

posted by Mike Walton

Producing Rod [Blog Remaster and Reissue]

“Nice studio Trevor. I said nice studio”
[sarcasm-laced comment from Rod whilst recording Once in a blue Moon]

Rob Dickins told Rod in 1997 that Rod himself was the best man for the job of producing his new album. Indeed Rod has often come up trumps when at the helm – Every Picture Tells a story, Tonight I’m yours and Out of Order were all key albums at crucial times in Rod’s career and for each one, Rod was involved both inside and outside the vocal booth. But producing is a lot of work and Rod has worked with a number of different producers at different stages. Even when doing it himself he has usually employed one of the band to co-produce. Jim Cregan, Chuck Kentis and Kevin Savigar (in a big way since 2012) have all filled that role in the past.

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