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February 19, 2019

Rod helps take the fear away.

Portrait for 'Rod Daft' fan

posted by Mike Walton

When Joan Shard was diagnosed with cancer and faced three radiotherapy sessions a day for 12 consecutive days, Rod helped take some of the fear away

Through funding from Beatson Cancer Charity, one of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s clinical technologists, Hilary Sturrock, painted an image of Sir Rod on Joan’s beam direction shell.

Joan, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, was treated for cancer in the chest area, which involved wearing a specially fitted shell over the chest area to keep her still during treatment.

Joan said: When I went into the Mould room to be fitted for my shell, I saw all of the children's radiotherapy masks with their favourite superheroes and characters painted on them. I said to one of the technicians, as a joke, that I wouldn’t mind if Rod Stewart was on my shell!.

Next time Joan saw her shell there was a portrait of Rod on it. “It was such a surprise! Hilary had painted a picture of Rod on it for me – it looked fantastic. I was so overwhelmed and couldn’t believe they had done this for me, and I do think it helped take some of the fear away.

“I’m Rod Stewart-daft - I’ve got cardboard cut-outs of him! I met him once in Glasgow years ago, when he was playing a charity football match. I couldn’t speak, but I managed to get his autograph.” Said Joan

The fantastic portrait was painted by Clinical technologist Hilary Sturrock who told SMILER "Naturally, Joan was a little anxious when she came to the department, as many of our patients are when receiving Radiotherapy treatment. My colleague commented that through a light hearted conversation, Joan spoke about what a huge fan of Rod Stewart she was. It was suggested to paint something related on her shell and I thought I'd have a try at painting his portrait. It was challenging because of the perforated surface on the material, but I'm really pleased with the outcome and glad it helped her through treatment"

We told Hilary that Rod might see her artwork now it has been on SMILER “If Rod sees this, I hope he’s happy with the likeness too.” was her reply.

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