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May 15, 2019

Are you going to see Rod on Tour

Do you want to tell us what you thought of your 'Night With Rod'?

posted by Mike Walton

Are you going to see Rod on his current tour? Would you like to share your personal experience with fellow Rod fans ..We are not looking for NME type journalism just your own thoughts on Rod/The Band /The venue/ The set list or anything else you want to share your thoughts on If you include any pictures you take of your party at the show or Rod you could even end up in one of Tommy Kevitt's famous montages

Or maybe you have some photos from the tour to share like this stunner sent in by Karen Chande who has sent in many superb shots over the years and has even made it into the SMILER calendar on more than one occasion!

And remember SMILER is the place Mr Stewart and his fantastic band look at to see what fans are making of the tour!

Please send anything you want to

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