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March 1, 2019

‘There’s only one Neil Lennon’

Rod calls TalkSPORT for the second time this week

posted by Mike Walton

Rod phoned talk TalkSPORT for the second time this week and gave listeners to the Alan Brazil show with a chorus of ‘There’s only one Neil Lennon’.

Rod reminisced about 2012 when he was in tears as he watched Celtic beat Barcelona 2-1 in the Champions League with Lennon masterminding that performance.

“It really was the greatest of nights,” said Rod “Listen I think that me and all the Celtic supporters have got to move on, we are all bitter, I think that there was a banner in the crowd that said ‘You were never a Celt, you were just a fraud. I think that said it all. We got a move on, I better wish Leicester luck, I’ve got a lot of fans in Leicester. I got to be careful.”

to listen to Rod's call in full go to

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