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June 2, 2019

"It was good, wasn’t it?"

Metropoint Arena Nottingham 28/5/19 Review By Mike Walton

posted by Mike Walton

This was my first Rod concert for quite a while so I was really looking forward to it, Checked into The Bunkers next door for a pre gig drink and it was already starting to get full with quite a few familiar faces..always good to see.

On the way in we bumped into football legend Gordon Strachan and his lovely family..Come back to United mate you would still get a game!, We had a little bit of SMILER work to do [See.. always thinking of you guys!!] So quick chat with Rod ..job done ..all will be revealed soon! Funnily enough Rod was saying how bad the lighting was while he was having his picture taken..more lighting news later.

Seats were fantastic right at the side of the stage So we had a great view, I had taken my son Rod who is in his mid 20's and not seen Rod live since he was around 6 years old....and Rod [Stewart] didn't let me down, a couple of reviews I had read said his voice was ok but not what it used to be..Bollocks, his voice is 10/ me, anyone seeing the blinding version of 'I Would Rather go Blind' on this tour is in for a treat, just Rod in the spotlight with his amazing voice..talking of spotlights Rod had a dig at the lighting guys asking if they could sort it out after a couple of early big hits 'You Wear It Well' and 'Maggie'.. both surprisingly early inclusions in the set.

"Seriously can't you do anything about the spotlight" Rod asked again ..after a pause he said "Well get me a pair of sunglasses then!"

No songs from Blood Red Roses other than a beautiful version of 'Grace' in the acoustic set and no footballs either tonight, Rod explained "I tore a ligament the other night in Cork ..Doing a dance a man of my age shouldn't do"

Other highlights includes "Georgie" that should never be dropped from the set and I really loved the version of Mark Knopfler's "Going Home" a great inclusion in the show while Rod nips off for a costume change

At the end I asked my son what he thought and like the rest of the Nottingham crowd he had really enjoyed it

"It was good, wasn’t it?" Rod shouted at the end of 'Baby Jane'...Not wrong Rod it was excellent!!

Set list..please excuse if the order is not 100%..I think it is but I always get it wrong!!

Young Turks
You Wear It Well
Tonight’s the Night
Forever Young
Rhythm of my Heart
Some Guys Have All the Luck
The Killing of Georgie
Tonight I’m Yours
I’d Rather Go Blind
Maggie May
Going Home: (Emerson Swinford)

Acoustic set:
I Don’t Want To Talk About It
The First Cut is the Deepest
You’re in my Heart
Have I Told You Lately
Footsteps (Girls)
Twistin’ the Night Away
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

Baby Jane

Review By Mike Walton
Photos By Rod Walton
Rod Live photos By Marc Baulisch-Steines
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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