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May 31, 2019

Tonight it’s Yours

By Tommy Kevitt

posted by Mike Walton

I was contacted some months ago by Katie Bradshaw explaining how seriously ill her uncle was, and was due to have a serious heart operation. The operation could have gone either way it was that serious. After being postponed a few times it went ahead and was a success, although Mike (Katie’s uncle) is still recovering on a day to day basis .Katie explained he was a massive Rod fan and was there any way we could get Rod to sign a little bit of paper, didn’t have to be a dedicated one, just Rod Stewart would have done just to cheer him up. Katie said “ I remember growing with uncle Mike and Auntie Jan, playing Rod albums 'Maggie May' was the one that sticks in my mind and goes without saying its been my favourite ever since.

Having known Katie for some time I knew this was a genuine case. SMILER being SMILER went one better, after discussion with our Mike at SMILER and with help from Rod and Penny, and artist Ray Guselli we came up with this gem, a dedicated signed canvas to Mike. When I went to meet Katie to give the canvas to her she couldn’t believe it and was completely overwhelmed. Katie said he won’t believe it ! He will love that and treasure it and couldn’t thank us enough.

We at SMILER wish Mike a speedy recovery and hope the canvas will help him along the way

Tommy Kevitt


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