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Posted August 26, 2018
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Posted August 2, 2018

September 10, 2018

What about all those loose R.S. 12"s... ?

Brand new blog in SMILER Retro By Dan Perreira

posted by Mike Walton

What about all those loose Rod Stewart 12-inch singles that are still unavailable on a compact disc? Basically, nothing more than remixed and/or extended singles, with added sound effects and extra beats to promote a current hit. With few exceptions,they rarely improve upon the album versions. However,the 12-inch does provides a wider groove and shorter playing time compared to the LP format, which gives it a more dynamic range in the sound quality (generally using 45 rpm in the UK and 33 1/3 rpm in the US). There have been roughly twenty 12"/ maxi-singles and picture discs releases (not even counting the numerous DJ-only pressings that were issued throughout the 80s),with about half of those containing just two or three tracks from the then latest album. The promotional 12s where often issued with a company sleeve while the public releases usually had standard looking glossy photos of Rod (a couple even had a poster included). Primarily bought by the dedicated fan who would buy anything Rod related, and more often than not, probably played no more than a few times and then shelved. But are there any real crucial ones that improve upon the versions on the albums , or are at least interesting enough to merit playing again and again? The answer is Yes, I'd say about ten.
So, I have gathered up all of Rod's best 12's with the idea (which I've had since the early 90's!) of making a fun and useful compilation disc for the serious fan, in chronological sequence by release year (better than any clever order I could come up with), which surprisingly works extremely well.
Obviously a collection like this would be compiled for the car player and not the living room!......

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