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September 8, 2018

Rod has recorded an awesome duet with Bonnie Tyler

But The Sun got it wrong about an album.

posted by Mike Walton

Bonnie Tyler has confirms that she has recorded a duet with Rod Stewart but as usual “The press got it wrong”
and they are not doing a full album together.

Last month, The Sun ran a story that Bonnie Tyler had recorded a full album of duets with Rod Stewart, due out by Christmas this year.

But in an interview with Portugal’s Kiss FM,last week Bonnie confirmed that they have recorded one song together.

“It’s not true at all that we’ve done a whole album together,” she told Owen Gee. “We’ve just done one duet, and it’s awesome.” She remarked that it would likely be the second single.

The track was produced David Mackay who also produced the recent Frankie Miller duets album that both Rod and Bonnie were involved in.

Rod recorded Bonnie’s classic hit “It’s a Heartache” for his 2006 covers album, 'Still The Same' and still includes it sometimes in his live set.

During last weekend’s Kiss FM interview, Bonnie revealed that she approached Rod after she spent a holiday at Cliff Richard’s house in Barbados.

“Another thing that was wrong in the papers, it said [Rod] approached me. He didn’t.” One of Rod’s best friends happened to be dining at the same restaurant as her and Cliff. “Rod Stewart’s best friend was there,” she continued, “and I said ‘I’d love to record with Rod.’ He said, ‘why don’t you send me an email, address it to Rod, and I’ll pass it on.’ And he said yes!”

Bonnie Tyler’s seventeenth studio album, which is yet to be named, will be released in March 2019.

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