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August 20, 2018

Ronnie joins in Art projects

Tusk Rhino and Bee Live

posted by Mike Walton

Ronnie Wood is among a group of artists brightening up London’s streets with dozens of colourful fiberglass resin rhinos.

Ronnie decided to illustrated his model with an African landscape.

His devotion to the endangered animals has seen him adopt an African rhino called Spike, Ronnie told news reporters today “My inspiration is that this beautiful prehistoric creature should be around for future generations of our children to see.

“I tried to include motifs from the African flags of the main rhino populated regions. As the rhino wanders the plains, it makes me think - it is Spike in another form.”

The 21 sculptures will go on show across London on Monday (20th) at sites including Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Kensington Gardens.

Each one is about 750 cm high and more than a metre in length and weighs in at just over 300kg complete with a plinth and concrete weights to keep them in place.

Another project Ronnie got involved in is The Manchester Bee In The City event, Wild in Art and Manchester City Council are bringing all of Manchester’s communities together for Bee in the City, one of the most spectacular public art events the city has ever seen.

Over 100 Bees are waiting to be discovered on this free, family-fun trail, taking in the city’s landmarks and undiscovered gems. Each Bee has been designed by a different artist and celebrates the unique buzz of Manchester, from its industrial heritage to its vibrant music scene. Ronnie and the rest of The Stones are among stars who signed the 'Bee Live In Manchester' Bee sponsored by S.J.M Concerts and created by Manchester based artist Amy Coney, the Bee is dedicated to the artists and half a million fans that keep Manchester alive and gigging!
You can see the Bee trail until September 23rd

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