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August 7, 2018

How to get yourself a ball!

Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC, 28/7/18 Review by Lori Brevic Moran

posted by Mike Walton

A full review of the Charlotte concert as already been posted on SMILER so here is my twist on the night.. Having waited three years since Rod was in the South again, (last time when my sister and I drove to Atlanta, Georgia) I was unsure if the excitement could possibly exceed that of getting my first autographed ball thrown directly underhand to me by Sir Rod himself. This show was so much better here in Charlotte as it was indoors and much cooler for Rod and the band. I thought he looked fabulous, with his hair cut perfectly and he was all smiles throughout the show. It is beyond obvious how much he still enjoys putting his shows on and the band, including his lovely girls, continue to complement his raspy, sexy voice.

Okay, now onto how I was fortunate enough to get a ball two shows in a row....I'll share my method so other die hard fans such as myself might get blessed with a personal wink, smile and a ball...

Here we go...first,buy the best possible seats you can get....Atlanta was first row behind the pit and Charlotte was 6th row. Next purchase a used Celtic Jersey on ebay, worked for both shows for me. Once he starts kicking the balks out in one direction, wait until he starts to head back towards the middle or opposite side of the stage. That's when I quickly get out of my seat, excusing myself as I quickly head to the front of the stage. In Atlanta, I yelled Rod at the top of my lungs up front, he turned and smiled at me and passed the ball underhand to me. This time, again in my Celtic Jersey, I did the same but instead of yelling to him I was jumping up and down, waving my arms. Stopped and winked, smiled and He passed it to me underhand like the last show. I feel so blessed that two is enough for me and I am hoping by sharing how I got my two autographed soccer balls may help others to do the same. 73 and fabulous....Forever Young.

Rod's SetList

Soul Finger [band]


Having a Party

Young Turks

Tonightís the Night

Rolliní and Tumbliní with Cyndi Lauper

Forever Young

Rhythm of My Heart

Maggie May

Hole in My Heart

Downtown Train

The First Cut Is the Deepest

Youíre in My Heart


Have I Told You Lately

Nutbush City Limits [band]

Stay With Me

Da Ya Think Iím Sexy



Review By Lori Brevic Moran
Photos By Lori Brevic Moran
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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