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Hitting The Jackpot In Atlantic City

Atlantic City NJ City Boardwalk Hall 8th August Review By Karen Chande

posted by Mike Walton

When tickets went on sale, I decided on quality over quantity and paid top dollar for prime real estate in front row at just one show. It was a magical night on many levels.

Before reviewing Rod’s show, I first have to say a few words about Cyndi Lauper as she provided some of the magic! I thought she did a great job relating to the audience with her stories introducing her songs. But the real magic occurred when she came down the stage into the audience! First she went to the side opposite where I was. Later, she heads over to my side, where I’m standing on the barrier with two other ladies. She walks right up to us, stepping up onto this little step on her side of the barrier, and is just inches away, singing her heart out while holding hands with one of the ladies beside me. It was one of the most incredible experiences ever! We ladies just couldn’t believe what was happening!

When Cyndi’s show was over, Rod’s checker-board curtain came down for a mere probably five minutes before the intro music began the start of the show. As the curtain rose, the band played 'Soul Finger' and someone tossed a soccer ball on stage. The ladies introduce “Sir Rod Stewart” to the cheers from the crowd as Rod entered to 'Infatuation'. When Rod spotted the soccer ball, he playfully kicked it around a bit. During the next song 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' was the next highlight of the night for me when Rod blew me two kisses! Others, too, were recipients of his acknowledgements, He has a wonderful way of interacting with the audience on individuals levels, making our night!

After the song, he welcomed us, thanking us for coming out on this beautiful evening and spending our money. He said we’d be here for an hour and fifty minutes at least, which was music to my ears since I’m so used to hearing “an hour and a half” in Vegas. Next up was 'You Wear It Well' which he said was from 1972 and he and Ronnie Wood wrote, After that was 'Having A Party', Then he pointed out some Celtic supporters in the audience. He said we were going to be sweating tonight but the ladies will be perspiring. He asked if we’d had a little drink before and said his type of people. The next song was from 1976 'Tonight’s The Night'. Wonderful fun as the camera spanned the audience and you could see yourself and your seat mates up on the screen!

Next he said how he and Cyndi as well, change the running order of the songs from show to show, giving us one that’s not a hit, one we probably never heard of and decided to give us this one today that in the 50’s they called “devil music”, it was Chuck Berry’s 'Sweet Little Rock and Roller', He looked up thanking Chuck for giving us rock and roll. Afterwards he said there’s a fine line from f-ing it up and just as Rod likes it! It was so great being right on the barrier up front enjoying every moment! After 'Forever getting it right and he thought they got it spot on. Next the music started for Forever Young, I have to say at this point how much fun this whole night was as everyone was on their feet singing and dancing no one telling us to sit down, Young', the ladies introduced themselves individually coming up to the microphone as they did in Vegas, and Rod after them saying he’s Rod Stewart from North London!

Rod said music always has to have an element of risk on the stage, if you f it up you f it up and that being said they were going to play a song for the first time tonight (yes!!) they only had one run-through today, it’s currently on the radio, it’s a brand new single about teenage drug addiction called 'Didn’t I'. What a great honour to hear this song live for the first time! I love Bridget’s part in the song, so great! I thought they did a fantastic job, no f-up there!

Rod next introduced Rhythm of My Heart thanking our troops in all wars fighting for our freedom and said to give them a round of applause. At the end of the song is the clip of Rod getting his knighthood and the audience applauded. Afterwards Rod said he’s not a soldier but very proud to be a Sir! After that was our anthem 'Maggie May'. After a short bit of 'Downtown Train', Rod had the song stopped, saying he f-ed it up and had it restarted. Then Rod went off to change while the band did their fantastic individual solos. Next was the acoustic set. He asked everyone to sit down, give our legs a break.

'Reason To Believe' was the first song, then 'First Cut'. Rod said this is all real singing, no miming, you shouldn’t pay money to see that but that he does like audience participation, singing is very good for you, let it go, it’s Saturday night as 'You’re in my Heart' starts.. and you can believe this is a great song for audience participation and for the Celtic supporters to shine! 'Have I Told You Lately' was next. I missed that we didn’t have 'Grace' tonight but was very happy to have “Didn’t I” earlier.

The ladies sang 'Nutbush City Limits' when Rod went to change clothes, Di introducing it as Tina Turner’s first song, and how she and Rod are good
friends. When Rod comes back out, he said next is a Faces song and he was going to kick out some footballs as 'Stay With Me' began. Near the end of the song, one of the balls mistakenly hit a security guard sitting between the stage and the barrier. Rod was concerned and made sure to ask the guy if he was OK, (He was). Rod said there was a woman who had a sign saying it was her 4,000th show. He thanked her and told her she could have had a Ferrari by now! After 'Sexy', the curtain rose as 'Sailing' began. I have to say a huge thank you to Rod as it looks like not only Vegas but all of the U.S. is on the map now with this song he rarely if ever played here! Yes!! He was playful with the hood of his jacket as he put it over his head and it fell down covering his eyes. Cute smiles and fun with the ladies over the hood! As the song ends and the curtain comes down he says thank you my friends! What a fun night!

Thank you once again to Rod and band for a wonderful night of music!

Review By Karen Chande
Photos By Karen Chande
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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