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August 2, 2018

The Goals go in at The YUM! Arena

Louisville, KY, KFC YUM! Arena 29th July Review By Anita Mathis

posted by Mike Walton

The day had arrived. Rod Stewart, 2018 concert dates were released and my city, Louisville, was listed. It was scheduled at the Louisville Yum Center. What a place for Sir Rod to play.

I had several goals to achieve, a wish list I guess you could say, My first wish was to get awesome seats, but let's be honest, there is no such thing as a bad seat when Sir Rod is performing! My amazing husband of 34 years, Mark, surprised me with Floor Seats, Row B, two rows back from the stage. Wish number one I was blessed to achieve. After the tickets were purchased, I was on my way to make wish number two a reality.

I had a special tumbler cup made for Sir Rod. It was full of shine, and a lot of glitter. It was decorated with music notes, song titles and a record album with "Side 2 Maggie May".

I am a member of the SMILER Rod Stewart Fan Club. I read every article, and I make sure to comment on every song and picture on Facebook. I was so blessed to make a new friend, Mike Walton. I could write a complete chapter on the amazing Mike Walton. He is so kind and he truly cares about all of the fans of Rod Stewart. I sent Mike a video of my tumbler for Rod, and filled him in on my dream to get it to the legend himself. Mike Walton was kind enough to direct some information my way on how I might achieve this. I needed to locate Lars, a team member.

Mike wished me luck and told me to be sure and keep him updated. Did I mention that Mike Walton is so kind and caring and all around amazing!

The anticipated night had arrived, and my amazing husband had just finished our one of a kind shirts. Oh, and I must give credit to Mike Walton as he helped out with the design. When we arrived at our seats, and I looked at the stage, I immediately looked up to give thanks to the Lord above. I sat there, in pure amazement, and I just could not wait until Rod Stewart was standing right in front of me. Back to reality, I need to locate Lars.

A lovely lady sat down beside me, and while waiting for the show of a lifetime to begin, I decided to share my story as well as the tumbler that I needed to get to Sir Rod. I told her that I was looking for Lars. She said that she knew what he looked like, and that she would show me. I followed her, no questions asked. Thanks to this special angel, I was able to hand this cherished cup to Lars, and get a picture with three of the band members. I thanked her again and again. We returned to our seats, and I thanked Jesus for placing her next to me. I later found out that her name was Ruth.

It was time, and the band begins to play to the tune of "Infatuation". Suddenly,. thousands of fans are on their feet anxiously awaiting Rod's entrance... Sir Rod takes the stage, mic stand in hand, and begins to sing his 1984 hit. Rod's one of a kind raspy voice is still as captivating and soulful 34 years later. In my opinion, Rod gets better with age, just like a fine wine.

It was quite warm at the Yum Center, and when the second song "Having a Party" began, the stage became Rod's keyboard as he gracefully strutted from end to end, never missing a note. The song ended with Rod removing his jacket and swinging it around, landing behind him on the stage. Rod turned around and said "I'm sweating me bum off up here". And yes, I have a picture of this exact moment. Rod continued to mesmerize his fans with "Young Turks". At this point, his white shirt and hair was drenched with sweat. He did not let that interfere with his entertaining and performance. He did, however, stop to ask if there was a hairdresser in the audience, and swooned us ladies with a big smile.

Next up was "Maggie May". This is a song that only gets better with age, and Rod allowed his fans to do most of the singing. Rod has the passion and power to transport his fans back in time; a time when we could still dance like him.

Listening to many of his songs word for word, I believe the lyrics reflect on his life now. "Hole In My Heart", one of Rod's newest songs from "Blood Red Roses", kept his fans interested and quiet listening to the lyrics. I absolutely loved it and all of his fans were cheering him when it was over.

Rod sat down with his band for "The First Cut Is the Deepest". His back drops were perfect for this song. Rod can literally reach out and touch your soul and he always gives credit to the original song writer/artist - Cat Stevens for this song. I am a Cat Stevens fan, but no one can sing it with the wholehearted soulfulness of Sir Rod.

I cannot forget to mention "Have I Told You Lately". This song always reminds me to give gratitude and thanks to the one above. Thousands of fans were quietly singing and swaying side to side, and placing their hands upon their hearts. Rod takes this song to a new profound level. I believe many fans also think of Rod's lyrics easing our troubles with continuing to share his talent and life with us. Rod has always put joyous meanings into the songs he writes.

Rod performed another hit from his album "Blood Red Roses" titled "Grace", and shared the story behind this song. Thousands of his fans listened, respecting each and every word in his song. When the chorus of the song appeared on the screens, all of us fans sang along with sadness in our hearts. I believe that Rod teaches us to never take one day for granted, and to always remember who fought for us, died for us, and to always remember what our freedom is truly about.

"Do You Think I'm Sexy". Another great song full of rasp and sass. After 90 minutes of sweating, singing, playing guitar with his mic stand, dancing and strutting across the stage; he still had the movements and motions left for this 1978 hit. Yet another song that only gets better with time.

I have already purchased tickets to see Rod Stewart in concert again, August 18, 2018, in Noblesville, IN, and once again I have scored second row seating. I am excited to see him again in 17 days, and the only thing that could make this concert better would be to finally receive a signed soccer ball. I am praying that for my 35th Wedding Anniversary, I will be blessed to watch him perform in Las Vegas. I am following my Momma's advice to always follow my dreams, and she knew one of them was Sir Rod Stewart.

I must add, thank you again Mike Walton and Ruth, for your kindness and you really know how to make a girl happy.

Thank you Rod Stewart. I received a very special "Thank You" note in the mail today.

I dedicate this review to Mike and Ruth
Review By Anita Mathis

Photos By Anita Mathis

Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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