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February 9, 2018

New Blog in SMILER Retro By Pat Brett

Lost Rod [reissued!] Will we ever hear any of these lost tracks?

posted by Mike Walton

It’s no news to regular readers that I have a bit of an addiction to unreleased Rod songs. It is borne of a frustration at years of Warner using old hits as b’sides on singles when there were songs lurking in a vault that could have been used and even more years of Rod doing nothing but Songbooks and covers. The vault material that Rhino issued helped calm me down for a couple of years but knowing that there is so much more there keeps the fire burning.

If others can blog about the best five Rod videos or Top 101 recordings, then I think I should be able to write about the Top 5 unreleased Rod Stewart songs. Of course, by their nature, no one can really argue with me as none of us have heard these songs. But the selection process is not about how these sound, it’s about how much these recordings intrigue me. So, with an apologetic nod to those other vaulted gems omitted – I was a punk before you were a punk, Technique, All fired up, TFI Friday, I can’t dance to that, Confidentially, Slave, She’s a star and countless others I have never heard of, there are my Top 5..

To read the full blog by Pat Brett go to SMILER Retro

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