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Absolutely Fabulous

Joanna Lumley had a song on Smiler dedicated to her

posted by Mike Walton

Actress Joanna Lumley told the Daily express how Rod dedicated a song on his 1974 album Smiler to her.

Rod and Joanna had a brief relationship in 1973 at the same time as Rod was recording his fifth solo album and their romance inspired Rod to record one of his classic cover versions.

Rod recorded a cover version of Bob Dylan's 'Girl from the North Country' for the album, which was one of Joanna's favourite songs and she was one of the first people he ever played it to.

Joanna told the Daily Express, "When I was in my late twenties I went out with Rod Stewart for about 20 minutes ... I remember him pitching up early one morning about four o'clock. He had this track and said, 'This is for you.' It was 'Girl from the North Country' and I adore Bob Dylan. To hear Rod singing this fabulous song in his gravelly voice touched me so much.

"I've studied the album and it doesn't say dedicated to Joanna Lumley so you've only got my word for it. I could be lying!"

Joanna admitted dating Rod was very exciting because he was an extravagant rock 'n' roll star revealing: "He was so fabulous. He had done 'Maggie May' and it was the time that he still wore pink satin suits and drove a Lamborghini and was glamorous ... He would say things like, 'Come to Marbella I want to buy a yacht,' but he did sweet things too. My son was at school and he'd stand by the gates to pick him up. Other mums would be fainting flat on the ground."

The above photograph was taken at Manchester Town Hall when SMILER asked Joanna to pass on a copy of the latest issue and a card to His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales for the 21st Anniversary of The Princes Trust

Bottom photo -Rod signing the hit album Smiler.

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