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May 17, 2011

Had Me A Real Good Time

Exclusive Faces "Before during and after" by Andy Neill

posted by Mike Walton

Had me a real good time
before during and after
By Andy Neill

Published by Omnibus Press
In hardback
June 2011
At £19.95

“There was no room for a laugh and joke in music, I think we were like a breath of fresh air.” Rod Stewart

At last The Faces get the in-depth biography they richly deserve. The Faces colourful story has never before been properly told, but thanks to extensive research and numerous interviews Had Me A Real Good Time fully examines the roots, triumphs and tragedies behind this beloved British band.

Containing four picture sections, many of the photos previously unseen, it’s the definitive account of one of rock’n’ roll’s most engagingly shambolic acts, as well as an evocative portrait of the times in which they raised hell partying and recorded some timeless tracks.

Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, Ian MacLagan, and Kenney Jones were in the band for a laugh, and became the pleasure-seeking antidote to some of the more serious-minded bands of the early 1970s. Despite this – or perhaps because of it – they became legendary rock ’n’ rollers, tirelessly championed by DJ John Peel and influencing many bands who followed, from The Sex Pistols to Oasis. Formed from the remnants of The Small Faces and the Jeff Beck Group, The Faces found they had the right chemistry on stage and off. Their partying was legendary and their music was sheer good time rock ’n’ roll.

Despite the mayhem and party told antics in Had Me A Real Good Time the redeeming feature of The Faces was that they comprised of five extremely talented individuals who created music that would endure and influence many bands and artists that followed. Before Rod Stewart’s solo fame triggered the disintegration of the group, The Faces epitomized good-time rock ’n’ roll at its best, and their story – told here for the first time in accurate detail – stands as a rich testament to a unique British band that was so much more than the launch pad for a superstar.

About the author:
Andy Neill is a music writer, author, journalist, researcher and historian. His writing has appeared in such magazines as Mojo, Record Collector and Ugly Things. He lives in London.

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