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October 12, 2013

Last Step?

Yve Paige talks Faces with Mac

posted by Mike Walton

We have had quite a few emails at SMILER asking if Rod will ever do the much talked about Faces reunion, or if the Faces will tour again with Mick Hucknall on lead vocals and when will the promised Faces re-issued albums will be released obviously we donít know the answer to any of those questions but Yve Paige caught up with Ian Mclagan earlier this year, and tried to find out,

Mac wasnít giving too much away so we never posted the interview but in answer to the emails..have a read and make up your own minds..

SMILER-We have read rumours about you releasing a CD of the Small Faces greatest hits Unplugged have you got any plans for this ?

Mac- No plans for that, but a Ronnie Lane Spiritual Boy Part 2 is possible someday. I don't like to think too far ahead because we're recording a Bump Band album right now.

S-What happened to the Faces reissues we have been waiting years for, from all the albums, the last we heard they had been completed and set listed, but never materialised? And isnít there outtakes from Nodís As Good As A Wink and You Can Make Me Dance?

M-No the information you have read is incorrect. The release has been cancelled.

S-What about any DVD footage from the early Faces days?

M-A DVD has also been sitting there waiting for release...

S-Do you remember the Top of the Pops 'Maggie May' performance where all the band swapped instruments and you mimed guitar? That has apparently been wiped by the BBC, could this be included?

M-No, I don't remember it.

S-Do you have a personal favourite Small Faces song and Faces song?

M-Tin Soldier and Love Lives Here.

S-Do you keep in contact with Tetsu ?

M-No, I haven't seen Tetsu since Faces days.

S-Do you still have your Nods As Good As A Wink Faces doll? Iíd love a set do you know who made them ?

M-Yes I still have mine, it's on a shelf in front of me in my studio, but don't remember who made them.

S-Were you excited to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and what are your thoughts on it being a double entry with Small Faces?

M-Of course, it's an honour. I would have preferred Small Faces getting their own induction, but it's still an honour.

S-I went to The Faces with Mick Huchnall concerts, and to be honest was a little worried that Rod wasnít singing but very happily surprised how well Mick and Glen Matlock stepped in and did an Amazing job. Will there be any more Gigs? Anywhere? Indoors or out?

M-I have no idea. I put my plans aside for Faces plans, and it proved to be a mistake as nothing much happened. I'm used to working, so days off are costly and unproductive.

S-So no plans to make a new Album with The Faces?


S-Do you think the Faces will reunite with Rod at some point for a reunion or are are you sick of answering that question?

M- Who knows? I'm not holding my breath.

S-Do you think Ron Wood would be able to get time off from The Rolling Stones?

M-Ask Ronnie, or ask Mick. Why ask me?

S-A little Back Number on Never say Never album is one of my favourite tracks of yours, what gave you the inspiration for this song.

M-It was just as Desert Storm started, and a photograph in the LA Timesmagazine showed a young girl sitting on her bed looking at a photograph of her soldier boyfriend. I wrote the first verse there and then, and 20 years later finished the song.

S-If you ever decided to retire where would you like The Final concert to be held, and who would you want to do it with?

M-A retired musician is a corpse. Iíll never retire while I can still play.

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