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October 11, 2013

No Going Beck

Jeff won't be commemorating classic album anniversary

posted by Mike Walton

This year sees the 45th Anniversary of the release of the first Jeff Beck Group album, "Truth."
But although Jeff Beck has fond memories of and high regard for that time, he told Billboard he sees no point in commemorating it, despite frequent reports about pending projects with Rod.

"He doesn't sound the same. The timbre of his voice has changed, and therefore there's no point in trying to do 'Truth 2' or anything like that," Beck explains. "He should've called me 25 years ago for that, or when I did 'People Get Ready' with him (in 1985) would've been a good time. But his manager didn't want that. I don't think he wants to lose his boy back into my evil clutches, so that never happened."

He went on to say "has got to focus. I've already done 11 demos for (Stewart), and he said they were in the wrong key. So there's the commitment; he didn't even tell me which key to do these tracks. But I don't want these sour grapes. He prefers (soccer), and maybe that's the problem. I'm not holding my breath."

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