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January 11, 2014

The SMILER 2015 Calendar competition

Picture in a frame

posted by Mike Walton

This is a photograph of a painting from 1978 titled Rod Stewart by legendary American artist Andy Warhol...can you do better?

SMILER is pleased to announce the 2015 Calendar Competition, after the stunning response we had to last years 'It Takes Two' Photograph with Rod competition this year we want you to go a step further and paint or draw a picture of Rod..In fact you can submit any Rod related art that you want, it can be drawings, paintings, sculptures, caricatures, calligraphy or anything you class as decide

We will except anything as long as it is Rod related so it can be a portrait of Rod, The faces, Jeff Beck, Penny, Lyrics or anything else you can think of just send us a good clear picture of the art work and Yve will compile them together to form one masterpiece that will be presented to Rod and Penny for them to choose a couple of their favorites to win signed copies of the calendar

You don't have to be Ronnie Wood standard to enter either..just have a go, the winner will not necessarily be the most life like but the ones Rod and Penny like best

You have a few months to get your entries in so dig out your pencils paints and Plasticine and get your artistic juices flowing and anyone who enters can enter up to two peices of art,
Send your pictures to either myself at or Yve at
Good Luck
And if you like Andy Warhol's Rod Stewart you can buy it from

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