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January 27, 2012

Dispelling the Groupie Myth with the Faces

My Faces story by Beverly Ross

posted by Mike Walton

I met the Faces while in high school. When the rest of my classmates were at the football games and proms, my friends and I were backstage at the Faces concerts. Being intrigued with the British rock scene, the fashionista Faces, had a grip on me. Something about their songs tugged at my heartstrings and other tunes tugged at my thirst for fun and knowledge. I learned about the Dobro, Mandolin, Slide and Pedal Steel watching Ron Wood. I observed Mac on the baby grand and B-3. He made performing appear so easy.

The great Ronnie Lane played the best bass ever on Three Button Hand Me Down. Kenney rounded out the band on drums, never missing a beat. Then there was it all he had on vocals. They were tight and rocked the house down.

My friends and I traveled to Kansas, San Antonio and Houston for the shows, in addition to the Dallas and Fort Worth Faces concerts. Keenly observing the groupies,vowing to be not one of them, paid off extremely well. Jan and I earned their respect, leading to a "sibling" relationship and then an Initiation in Houston. Ron Wood, Mac, and Tetsu came to our room in Doctor's uniforms telling us it was initiation time. Asking us to lie down on the bed, which we reluctantly did, they shoved us into the wall on our Murphy bed, leaving us screaming upside down inside the wall at the lovely Hyatt Regency in Downtown Houston, and they ran off. Feeling bad for us, Mac returned to save us. Woody was long gone, daring to face our wrath. After our "Initiation", we were being set up for the next big prank.

The Hyatt was triangular shaped with interior corridors overlooking a gorgeous lobby with a piano bar.
Calling our room, they asked us to come for an apology drink before before the show. Rounding the corner to their rooms, waiting for us to get closer, they dropped water balloons from the top floors onto the patrons down in the lobby,Mischievously running to their rooms, slamming the doors, they refused to let us in, leaving Jan and myself to face hotel Security and the Manager. I told the Manager that the boys that did it had run off and they went that-away, pointing to the stairwell....sparing the band any repercussions. Pranks were the norm and we were often unknowing victims.

After being "tested" all day, Jan and I were accepted "into the fold", and what a fold it was. We were around to help keep some of the unsavory women away, assumed a concierge to the band position, befriending one of their seamstresses, Pam. We assisted Pam, rode in limos, flew with the band, took them to clubs, restaurants and saved Rod's life in a pool hall one night.

I am very blessed to be a small part of their new book, Faces 1969-1975, which has brought back so many treasured memories.

To read more about Beverly go to

Photo - Ronnie Wood

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