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January 27, 2013

Tetsu Yamauchi

Tawny Tracks

posted by Mike Walton

We always get emails at SMILER asking about Tetsu Yamauchi and how to hear the great recordings he made after his stint in Faces, we have covered this before on SMILER but for those who missed it, you can check the tracks out on the album Twany Tracks by The Arrows and friends.

Alan Merrill from the Arrows tells the story..

Tawny Tracks is available at CD Baby.

Tetsu is on tracks 16, 17 and 18.
We got together in July or August of 1975 at Island studio, not 1976 as is sometimes reported, just for the accurate record. Tetsu, Mac, me and the late Paul Varley (Arrows, Little Free Rock, Purple Haze) on drums.

It was Tetsu's attempt to put a band together after the Faces split up,and Paul and I were fed up with the Arrows getting so few records released, so we were ready to jump ship.

Mac went to the Stones, Arrows got a TV series, and Tetsu went back to Japan,ending a short lived idea that might have worked.

Basically Tawny Tracks is a collection of recordings made in 1975-77, demos and unreleased studio material and other oddities.

The late Nikki Sudden explained it better than I can-

Check out the clip above and see how Bernard Fowler takes a few pages from Alan's 2006 interpretation of "Forever' on the 2011 Woody album I Feel Like Playing.

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