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July 8, 2011

Reports say former Rod guitarist has gone blind

Jeff Golub loses sight

posted by Mike Walton

It has been reported today that former Rod guitarist Jeff Golub,has gone blind.

Jeff who is 56 years old and was a very popular band member during his time with Rod has just released a new CD, Three Kings, a blues project featuring Henry Butler and others. In conjunction with that, he posted the following on his website:

“While recording the record I started having a little trouble with my right eye. I tried to ignore it, but the condition worsened. Oddly enough, I was working with Henry, who coincidentally is blind. After the recording and trips to several of New York’s top eye specialists, I was diagnosed with a collapse of the optic nerve in my right eye. It is just some random thing that can happen to people … no real reason why or real cause … just a curve ball life throws at you sometimes.”

Late last month, Jeff says he began losing vision in his left eye as well. “(I’m) getting to spend all this time with Henry Butler, who can give me the inside track on how the heck one navigates life with severely impaired vision. Just wanted to let you all know what is going on with me. I may need a bit of time to adjust, but God willing, I have every intention of playing guitar forever and a day.”

For more information on Jeff go to;

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