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September 4, 2011

Jacky Bam Bam Paul Warren interview

Bam Bam shares interview

posted by Mike Walton

Jacky Bam Bam has done this great interview with Paul Warren and is morte than happy to share it with SMILER.

I was hoping to get ahold of u guys, I used to try to always buy your 'zine BIG FAN!!!..Of course would be honored if u posted it...ALL THE BEST, Cheers!!..xoxox.BAMBAM

finally had a moment to catch up with Detroit's PAUL WARREN and recap his new cd "ROUND TRIP". Paul has been Rockin' Rod Stewart's guitarist for over 11 years. He gave me a call during soundcheck in Vegas where Rod is doing a residency. Our chat is rather lengthy, but if you appreciate music as much as I do, listen to this 35 minute interview, Paul has soooo many story's I had to hear about, how he got his start in Motown at the age of 17 playing on The Temptations- Papa Was A Rollin' Stone, how Ray Manzerek gave him Jim Morrison's pea coat, how George Clinton told him he wasn't old enough to party with P-Funk, playing at Woodstock '94, playing with Tina Turner, Joe goes on and on, just some of the stories he shares with me. Enjoy it and pick up PAUL WARREN'S PROJECT "ROUND TRIP"...Cheers..BAMBAM

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