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March 13, 2014

Dixie Toot

DixieMix Announced as warm up band for tour

posted by Mike Walton

The support band band for Rod's UK summer has been announced as East Anglia’s most engaging and hard working jazz ensemble DixieMix

SMILER caught up with band leader cornetist Simon Nelson to find out how the band felt about being chosen to tour with Rod.

Simon told us..

How do we feel about supporting the legendary Rod Stewart on his UK tour? There's a question you don't get asked often as a Dixieland band leader from Norfolk!

Currently the whole scenario is taking a little time to sink in. After the initial enquiry that came through our website ( there was an agonising wait as our demo tracks were bounced across the Atlantic and then the excitement to receive confirmation from the powers that be. All the DixieMix band members suffered periods of disbelief, and there was endless online double-checking to make sure this all added up and the offer was genuine!

However, our involvement has been confirmed and as a band DixieMix are thrilled, as are all our loyal supporters.

Our reputation in the east of England as an entertaining and enthusiastic band stems from our line-up which has the perfect mix of youth and experience. As well as playing for established jazz audiences, we are equally at home letting rip with an entertaining show to create a feel-good factor designed to please everyone.

With hard work and dedication the band has come a long way since it was formed 6 years ago. Many people have helped, but we must thank Woodforde's Norfolk Ales whose sponsorship for DixieMix has really "oiled the wheels".

Five stadium gigs supporting Rod Stewart (I still can't believe it) will be unlike anything we have ever done before. But it is our job as the 'warm up' to do just that and jazz fans or not, I'm positive we can get your feet taping and set the scene for a night of music to remember.

Everyone who has met him says what a great bloke Rod is, I really hope I get a chance to talk some music with him.

For more information on DixieMix go to

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