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April 15, 2006

Buxton 74' update

Andy Turner from Buxton adds to the article

posted by Mike Walton

I was contacted by Andy Turner who got in touch after the Buxton 74' article had gone to press, Ian McLagan's words finnished the article saying how you always have trouble getting the money, Due to the great responce I recieved about the article I thought members might like to read Andy's experience of the day...
I spent the day working on the site with others including Ronnie Mycock, George’s son, patrolling the event in an old land rover with SECURITY daubed on the side with a paintbrush.
The N.M.E described us as “a bunch of local heavies looking like extras from the Straw Dogs film set” however they noted that we did a good job along with a more official security firm.
As Rod and the Faces were due to come on, I remember there was a problem with something or other and they were refusing to play, George came to Ronnie and me telling us that the band had not had all their fee and would not get it if they did not play and that he was leaving the event. He left it for us to convey the facts to the band which we did in due course. So whenever a conversation arises around Rod Stewart I always include the tale of how I told Rod and the Faces that if they didn’t play they wouldn’t get paid, they did of course - eventually!.

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