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July 12, 2007

Gibson Guitar Town London 2007- From June 28 for 10 weeks

Exclusive from artist Michael English

posted by Mike Walton

Gibson Guitar Town London 2007- From June 28 for 10 weeks
More London
Tower Bridge, SE1
Thirty 10-foot free standing fiberglass Gibson Les Paul guitars have been creatively designed and hand painted by visual artists ranging from some of the UK’s leading and established artists such as Sir Peter Blake and Gerald Scarfe. Each guitar will be signed by the associated music legend to authenticate and endorse their individual guitar.
Hand painted for legendary rocker Rod Stewart, Michael English’s guitar features a blonde lady in the colours of Rod's favourite football team Celtic and is titled "You Wear It Well". The guitar can be seen around More London, SE1 from June 28th. Following a ten-week public display the guitar will be auctioned of for The Princes Trust, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and Teenage Cancer Trust.
for more information go to

Michael took time out from his busy schedule to tell SMILER how he got involved with the project and what Rod’s reaction was..
A friend of mine initially brought Guitartown to my attention and that Gibson were looking for artists to take part in the project. It sounded good to me so I submitted a design of a woman lying in the curve of the guitar. Some weeks later there was a phone call from Gibson saying Rod liked the design, but would it be alright if the woman was wearing a Celtic shirt… After such a request “You Wear It Well” seemed like the ideal title for the guitar.

I worked on it in stages using gloss paint for the guitar body and oil paint for the figure. Other than physically moving the guitar and working around it, the trickiest part was working out the folds in the Celtic shirt. You’re never really sure until it’s done, but I was thrilled with how it turned out.

Then of course I met Rod at the opening when he signed the guitar. He said I did a fantastic job on it. Whether he was expecting a 10ft tall guitar and not a regular sized one I’m not so sure!
See more of Michael’s brilliant work at

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