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March 22, 2007

Ester Nicholson debut CD released

Ester currently tours the US presenting concerts and workshops to promote the release of her debut CD.

posted by Thomas Stadelmann

The daughter of a Baptist minister and raised in a home with strong gospel roots, Ester Nicholson has taken her music around the globe performing as a vocalist with Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Brenda Russell, Al Green, Faith Hill, Beyonce, Carol King, Barbara Streisand and many others.

But the real story of Ester Nicholson is not her famous performances on Good Morning America or on tours around the world. The untold story is her recovery from drug addiction through her genuine love of the Divine, and the incredible life transformation that resulted from that love. Through years of work, study and prayer, Ester has been reborn as a successful musical artist, businesswoman and inspirational speaker.

Currently touring the US presenting concerts and workshops, Ester is promoting the release of her debut CD entitled, "Child Above the Sun" - a beautifully produced collection of songs that celebrate the transformative journey that parallels her life story.

If ever there was a story that provides hope to the hopeless, Ester's life demonstrates that there is no person that is beyond redemption, and that life-changing renewal is possible for everyone - regardless of personal history or circumstance.

Visit Ester's website:

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