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December 9, 2007

Ester Nicholson interview

Dave Reddy catches up with Ester to talk about her first solo tour, her first solo album & her time working with Rod.

posted by Thomas Stadelmann

Ester Nicholson has taken her music around the globe performing as a vocalist with Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Brenda Russell, Al Green, Faith Hill, Beyonce, Carol King, Barbara Streisand and many others. Dave Reddy catches up with Ester on the eve of her Soul To Soul Tour to talk about her first solo tour, her first solo album called Child Above the Sun & her time working with Rod.

SMILER: Ester since the last time you toured with Rod in 2005, we hear you have been busy recording a solo album "Child Above the Sun". Is this your first solo album? & can you tell our members what the album is about?

This album is about my transformation from substance abuse and feeling disempowered to growing and recovering into 22 years of sobriety and totally standing in my power as Godís divine Goddess.

SMILER: You go on tour soon. Is that to promote Child Above the Sun? & how big is the tour? & are you excited /nervous? & Is this your first solo tour?

This tour is to promote ďChild Above The Sun (ďCATSĒ), and itís an opportunity to promote so much more. I also facilitate empowerment workshops on Forgiveness and Prosperity. Iím a keynote speaker, sharing the tools that assist in healing core beliefs, thus freeing people from repeating unhealthy patterns in their lives. So, CATS has been a catalyst for my ministry, which will also include a book entitled ďA Prayer For MeĒ. Iím booked until the end of October, so far, singing, speaking, facilitating workshops at churches, conferences and treatment centers.

SMILER: After youíre tour finishes what are your plans? will you have time off or will you be working on another solo album? Or will you do work with other artists/bands or maybe go on tour?

After this tour is over, Iíll be focusing on getting my book finished and collaborating with other writers for the new CD, and in between Iíll try and get a vacation in.

SMILER: You did a couple of tours with Rod the first one was back in 2001 on the Human Tour how did you land the job with Rod?

A lot of things in this business are done by word of mouth. So, I was recommended to Rod, because prior to Rod, I was with Bette Midler. But, I also must say that I had a vision of what I wanted to do, and that vision came true through prayer and meditation.

SMILER: Did you do any studio work with Rod?

Yes, on his second songbook CD.

SMILER: what was Rod like to work with?

Heís incredibly funny and silly. He has a great sense of humor and a big heart. Heís also a human being that has a lot of pressure. You donít get to be where he is by not having to carry a lot on your shoulders. So, sometimes he was exhausted and moody, just like all of us.

SMILER: Apart from Rod I know you have worked with Bette Midler & Dave Koz who else have you worked with?

Iíve worked with Barbara Streisand, Faith Hill, Beyonce, Carol King, wow, so many.

SMILER: I believe you have done some movie stuff? Was that singing for the soundtracks or have you done some acting?

Singing for sound tracks, but Iím also taking acting classes and I now have an agent for acting stuff, soÖ. You never know, you might see me in the movies!.

SMILER: Do you play any musical instruments?

No, I wish I did. When I was a little girl, my mother tried to make me take piano, but my lessons were early on a Saturday morning, (I am not an early riser), and my piano teacher had bad breath. I used to call him ďBad Breath BarubeĒ. His name was Mr Barube, and I quit. I wish now that I would have stuck with it.

SMILER: Whilst you where growing up who where you musical influences? & do you still listen to them now?

My entire family was my musical influence. My brothers used to sing and play guitar for famous gospel groups. They travelled much like I do now. When they would come home, theyíd bring all of their musician friends. My mom would cook huge dinners, so, weíd sit around and eat and sing. There was never a question in my mind as to whether I would sing or not. It just was something we all did.

SMILER: What would you say is your personal highlight in your musical career so far?

Iíve had so many of them, and Iím still having them. My first was when I found myself doing a duet with Bette Midler, and then being on stage with Rod Stewart. Now, itís when Iím front and center, directing my own band, and watching people be inspired and healed by what I do. Itís amazing and humbling.

SMILER: Do you ever keep in touch with any of the guys who were in Rodís band when you work with Rod?

Yes, I do. I miss them. I just did a concert in New York with Henry Hey as my musical director. Remember him? He was the musical director for Rodís standard stuff.

SMILER: If an opportunity came up to work with Rod again would you?

On a limited basis. Working with Rod, Bette and the rest of them, was a great, amazing experience, but at the end of the day, it was still a job. Now, Iím living my purpose and have my own career, so going back to sing as a background vocalist would be a bit of a step in the other direction.

SMILER: How do our members find out more about Ester Nicholsonís future albums or tours what do you suggest they do? Do you have a website? My website address is

Iíd love to hear from them. Tell them to get the CD!.

SMILER: Where can SMILER members get a copy of you new album? Can they get it from your website?

My website is currently sold out, but Iím getting ready to re-strock with them. In the meantime, just contact me at my website address, and Iíd be happy to send you a copy.

SMILER: We at SMILER wish you all the very best with your up & coming tour & we wish you all the best with future albums & tours & maybe we will see you onstage with Rod in the not to distant future?

That would be great. Iíll always love Rod and be grateful to him for an unforgettable, rewarding experience.

Ester Nicholson was interviewed by Dave Reddy on 23/07/07

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