Peter Burton
Year: 1977
ISBN: 450-03429-1
Price: £3.50

New English Library, UK

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waste of paper
  THE FIRST and only book ever to be officially sanctioned by Rod's manager, who at the time was Billy Gaff. This is a luxury coffee table type job, but poorly designed and annoyingly square shaped! The book reveals little of Rod's early musical escapades, but does delve into what made Rod go into music in the first places with references to his childhood musical influences. There is much trivia along the way: we learn that Rod's mum couldn't remember him ever doing any homework and that he was Captain of the school cricket and football teams. The biggest revelation, however, is the news of Rod's illegitimate daughter. There is much analysis of Rod's songs and the songs he covers but little critical comment, making the book guilty of over-praise.
There are some pretty good photographs, but they are annoyingly out of order, so the reader views seventies photographs whilst reading about the sixties, or reads about Rod and Britt whilst a photograph of Rod and Ron accompanies the text. Burton was an occasional writer for the music press and a close friend of Billy Gaff's, especially commissioned to write the book. This means we only get to find out what they want us to know. The one unique feature is a lyrics section which contains words to all the original songs from the Faces and solo albums up to 'A Night On The Town'. Although some of the words have been misinterpreted and are ridiculously inaccurate - 'Three Time Loser' suffers in particular.
Finding a good condition copy of this book will be hard. Due to its poor design, it has the tendency to fall to bits after a few years! If you can find one, be prepared to part with at least £20.00.

John Gray

Smiler rating: C+

Reader rating: Average rating: 3.66666666667  (9 votes)
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