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July 11, 2017

Rod Stewart Cyndi Lauper draw huge crowd

Tuscaloosa Amphitheater July 9th 2017 excerpt By Ben Flanagan/

posted by Mike Walton

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper drew an impressive number of fans on a warm evening in the Druid City that saw a gorgeous sunset provide a perfect backdrop that saw both singers in fine form.

Their 2017 U.S. tour rolled through Tuscaloosa, almost exactly four years after Stewart had to cancel a show at the Amp when he needed a couple of days of vocal resting. Fortunately, the raspy Brit got the rest he needed in time for this Alabama gig, and the fans met him halfway.

Scores of folks rolled in with Rod Stewart T-shirts, spanning tours from one decade or another, some of them even homemade. Sunday also marked the first time the venue implemented its brand new clear bag policy, so it meant a little extra time at the front gate, which opened promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Stewart matched the high energy of his fans, who exalted his every move, particularly when the singer removed his white blazer to settle in for the evening, as he promised more than 90 minutes of music full of old songs and perhaps some new.

Words and photos reproduced with thanks to Ben Flanagan
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