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July 12, 2017

The second Elite SMILER 'You Wear it Well' badge

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posted by Mike Walton

Thank you to everyone who emailed me to say the SMILER team should receive their very own Elite SMILER 'You Wear it Well badge

So the second badge will go to the SMILER team who work so hard in so many different ways.. Although humble they can't resist a badge, plus it gives us a chance to introduce the team to our many new members on the website and on Facebook

The current SMILER Team are

Thomas Stradelmann - Webmaster

Yve Paige - Facebook /Events/Nagging

Tommy Kevitt - Graphics/ facebook

Andy Darcy - Admin /Events

Neal Webb - SMILER Retro/Tartan road crew

Donna Manus - US Correspondent

And me Mike Walton - General dogs body

Plus John Gray - Founder/Inspiration/SMILER Retro

Don Stewart - Assistance and support

And Martin Heidt - Twitter

All contact information for the team is in the latest issue of SMILER magazine

2018 SMILER Magazine

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